6 Easy Ways to Get Grants and Scholarships for College!


It’s back to school season!!! So many of us are facing that moment in time where we have to pull out the check book and pay for fall semester. Yuck! I remember those days! And because I remember those days, I wanted to provide some resources that will help you put that check book away and get some free money for your college education!

Company Scholarships If you are currently a high school or traditional college student, ask your parents to check with their employers. Some companies give scholarships to children of their employees. If you are a non-traditional student (like I was) and you’re currently working, check with your employer to see what discounts they offer.

Financial Aid Office Go to your financial aid office or swing by the financial aid office during your college tour to find scholarships available for your potential college. Most colleges have specified scholarships just for their university. This will make the pool a bit smaller when applying!


Start your own scholarship program Do extra work or sell something and let your clients know that the money will go toward funding your education. Pretty much anyone will support a junior or senior with enough ambition to pay their way in school. Worked for me J

Search within Your Field If you know what field or major you want to get into, search for companies in that field that give scholarships or scholarships related to the field. This will not only help fund your education but also be a good resume builder for after college! Bonus!!!!


Grants– You can receive this grant, just from qualifying financially and having good grades! I received a grant that I didn’t even know I qualified for just because of my grades one semester. You get money for doing what you’re supposed to do anyway!!

Local Scholarships Check with your high school for local scholarship opportunities! I had my first 2 years of college paid for by choosing to go to our local community college for the first 2 years and serve as an ambassador for the school. It made the difference between only having $20,000 in student loans while most of my friends have somewhere between $40-60,000.


Be prepared to do some work! Most scholarships require an essay or some body of work in order to earn the money. But with hard work, you can pay for so much of your college education without piling on student loan debt!


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